Independently Welthy

Okay, not quite independently wealthy, but I did sell my first pictures this morning!  I went to a little amateur rodeo in Roachdale, IN this past Sunday just to work on my portfolio and sold pictures to two different people today!  Yippee!  Practice that I’m getting paid for! 

Cooper and I went and visited the Jones family (very close long time family friends)  last night.  They have four kids that I have grown up with, who now have nine kids!  There were just four of the little ones there last night, but four were plenty to keep Cooper entertained and me shooting lots of pictures.  It was so nice to get to see everyone.  I love our life on the road, but it’s fun to slow down for a week and be a normal person. 

Cooper has had an unusually fussy day.  He is always so happy, I don’t know what to do with him when he’s not.  I think his teeth must be coming in.  He is finally in bed for the night and I about have all my stuff ready for my rodeo this weekend.  I’ve been so excited about taking pictures, it’s hard to get excited about going to secretary!

Otey is in Coffeyville, KS until Sunday.  He is really missing Cooper and is ready to get the family back together.  We’ve never been good at being apart for more then a week. and adding Cooper to the mix makes it twice as hard.  Louie is the only one enjoying the current setup… he likes having Otey all to himself!

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