Illegitimate Babies & Rednecks

This is my current house.  Please notice the satellite dish near the rear axle… and you thought I was roughing it!  That sounds like some sort of redneck joke, doesn’t it?  "You might be a redneck if… your satellite dish is sitting on the ground by your house’s axle." 


This is me trapped in my current house with Cooper all day. Okay, we do go to town sometimes, but I still feel like this 90% of the time!


This is me and Cooper cleaning out my car today.  I know it looks like I just sat him down to eat grass, but there are toys around him, they’re just hard to see in this pic. But now that you mention it… he did eat a little grass also.


And finally, here is some weird illegitimate baby who likes cats.  There must have been a mix-up at the lab, because there is no way he belongs to us if he likes cats (sorry Gatti family).


Pretty much, another uneventful day in Iowa.

  • Debbie - What is going on? You must have eaten too much turkey and dressing because this is so unlike you not to keep this page posted. I have a daily habit of checking on you guys to see what funny thing has happened that day! Your life is about as comical as ours! We love you, Debbie

  • Kelli - And I thought you only saw Redneck things like this in Arkansas. You are too funny. I love the self portrait. Oh and now I know what to get Cooper for Christmas. A cat!!!

  • Heather - I LOVE reading your blogs…you always make me laugh!!! This is the best, though!!! Who took the pic? Nice self portrait for your web page!!!! Love you

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