I *heart* Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese… Cream Cheese…. Cream Cheese… that’s all I can think about. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Original flavor Whipped…. Ahhhh….

I didn’t really have any cravings with Cooper. I was way too sick and had way too much heartburn to feel passionate about any food. Not this time. Cletus the Fetus really, REALLY likes cream cheese. Nothing fancy. just on toast, or on chips…. mostly just in my mouth on whatever cream cheese carrying food is within reach. I’ve been doing a good job of eating pretty healthy with this pregnancy minus a family size tub of cream cheese every three days. It really is working out nicely because that’s about how often I have to buy a new bunch of bananas for the banana boy (see two posts ago) so we just hit the grocery store every few days to get our fix.

By the way, I am blogging from a freshly cleaned freshly organized office at this very moment. Organization is like my drug of choice. Want to make me giddy? Just color-code or alphabetize something for me!

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