I fixed our toilet.

Can I get a Whuuppp Whuuppp!!!!

Two or three months ago, I was cleaning behind the toilet (yuck… don’t you HATE cleaning around the toilet) and there was a rusty corroded bolt laying on the bathroom floor.


That can’t be good.

Funny, now the tank seems to be all wobbly.  Probably ought to look in to that.


Seems as though a few tiny drips of rusty water are on my floor behind my toilet every couple of days.


Now I finally take the time to fully examine the situation (about six weeks later).  For you non-plumber types… there are two bolts that hold your toilet tank to your toilet bowl.  Remember that rusty corroded bolt?  That was one of mine.


At this point, I decided to share the dilemma with my husband.  He quickly suggested that I pick up some new bolts.

I didn’t.

He did.

The bolts found their way to the junk drawer, and I kept cleaning up those couple of rusty drips every few days.

On Saturday Otey decided that it was time to fix the toilet.  Somewhere in the past month, my Dad mentioned that if the bolts were in that bad of shape, we probably needed a new gasket in between the tank and bowl also.  We made the trip to Menards, got the gasket, and headed home to let the plumbing begin.


I enjoy handy work around the house.  It gives me the same kind of satisfaction that a spotless house does.  The feeling of pride in a monumental task completed.  Otey got the water shut off downstairs (the shut off valve is in the basement ceiling?!) and I soaked up the remaining water in the bottom of the tank.  You can not image how yucky the tank was.  The toilet has worked perfect since we moved in, so I don’t guess I’ve ever taken the lid off the tank and when I did… YIKES!

When I went to remove the one remaining bolt it was so rusted that it just broke in half.  I must give Otey a shout here… he did disconnect the water line for me at this point.  I put the tank in the sink and scrubbed and scrubbed and bleached and bleached… why am I so OCD?  Why do I think the INSIDE of my toilet tank needs to be spotless?  I then installed the new bolts, new gasket, connected the water line, and reassembled the toilet.  And the best part?  While I was crawling around on the floor fixing the toilet?  I was wearing some very hip and stylish 7  jeans… that happened to show my “plumbers crack”. The first and only time that lowrise jeans were appropriate apparel for a chubby girl.

I’m not right.

  • amy stamm - thats why I keep coming back to your blog! hahah Wow I am impressed!! Perfect attire for the job….I bet you thought of that before you started your plumbing! ha GREAT now I am going to have to go check my toilets-oh I forgot we just got a new one-so it better be clean in there! later you silly

  • Tanya - I am so impressed. I will agree with you about hating to clean around the toilet, mainly because I have all boys in the house. Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway today. Hope you have a great Thursday!

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  • Heather Mears - You are a Handy Manny!

  • aunt harriet - good girl!! so proud of you for being such a handy-girl!

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  • Kim - Oh but you ARE so so right:)

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