I could only think of six

WE GOT A NEW COUCH AND LOVESEAT!  The answer would be no… I don’t feel anymore like a grown up.  I just feel like a non-grownup with a lot less money!  I haven’t taken any pics of them yet, and I’m too lazy to look for one on the internet, the cliff notes version… they are big, brown, and leather.  Yippee!!! 

I don’t have any fun photos to post tonight, so here are some helpful hints from Kathy…

1.  Use fold up laundry baskets (you know… those net ones with the wire edges). I have like ten.  You can put them in a neat little stack, or slide them in between the washer and dryer when you’re not using them.  No big plastic ones to have to store when you’re not doing laundry.

2.  Keep car cleaning wipes in the pocket of your car door.  When you are in line at the bank or fast food restaurant drive-up, you can do some quick detailing. (I learned this from Otey… only he makes me do it while we’re driving down the road).

3.  Make a list of your friends and families birthdays in order by date.  Hang them on the side of your refrigerator and you’ll never forget one.

4.  Make a list (like a menu) for the week.  Everything you are going to cook for dinner for 7 days.  Go to the grocery store and get all the stuff in one trip.  Then it’s a no brainier every night… you only have to think "what am I going to cook?"  once a week.

5.  Throw away (or give away) ALL of your husbands socks.  Go to the store and by two or three identical packages.  Not only will his sock drawer look much brighter… you will never have to work at matching up socks again… they’ll all match!

6.  Run everyday (even if it’s only a few feet) for no reason.  You know, like you did when you were a kid just… just because.  Running for a reason doesn’t count, it has to be just for the sake of running.  It seriously makes me laugh every time.

That’s all I have for now… happy Saturday.

  • cody - i notice you didn’t mention the much more interesting purchase 😛

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