I am learning to deal with cats (repeat 3x)

Cooper and I survived day two with out Otey. He is driving all night tonight on his way back from Oklahoma. I don’t know how single Mom’s do it. Otey is so wonderful and efficient with Cooper. I really miss his help when he’s gone. Cooper and I did get a lot accomplished today. We returned things to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Menards, the movie Box at McDonalds, we went to the bank, took Louie to the vet, fed the horses and cats, mowed the law, packaged two orders, and baked a cake. I know you think I’m kidding about the cake thing, but I really did bake a cake this evening. I have lusted over a bright red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer my entire adult life, and (as I’m sure I already mentioned in some past post) my WONDERFUL mother bought me one for a house warming..slash.. you’re the best daughter in the entire world present (okay, I added that last part). Anyway, we had our inaugural run this evening. Confetti Cake and Whipped Icing with extra sprinkles. Cooper gave it the messy thumbs up.
I’ve made no secret of my strong dislike of kitties and the possibility that my little kitty lovin’ offspring might have been switched in the petrie dish or at the hospital because there is no way any son of mine and Otey’s could possibly like cats. Well, he doesn’t like our two new kitties, he LOVES our two new kitties. Ironically, the cats like all of us and have decided they live right outside our back door instead of in the barn where all good cats should live (don’t send me any hate mail cat-lovers, you’re not going to change my mind and I don’t care if I tick you off). So anyway, because my kid loves them so much and because I am learning to tolerate them (Otey hasn’t crossed that bridge yet) here is the blog debut of Pat the Cat on the left, and Six on the right. Please note my dog did not get left out, Louie is better then the cats. That’s why his picture is bigger AND on the top… just wanted to make that clear.


This next shot is one of my favorites of Cooper in a really long time. Sometimes when I press the shutter on my camera, I know I’m going to love the final image. This was one of those cases. Notice his pants tucked half in his boots… that’s some serious doin’ the chores style…


And last but not least, I love this series. they are UNEDITED… straight out of my camera… looking pretty run of the mill… but I love them… just because I know exactly how happy he was at the moment they were taken. He has just fed the cats and is closing the gate to the stall where we keep the feed, and is running down the hall of the barn to go out the other end and help me feed the horses. He really… REALLY… likes doing chores. You think there’s any chance that will last?


  • Cody - Ben used to love doing chores too 🙂

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