We bought a house.  We couldn’t find anything that we liked and started looking for something that we could just get by with for a couple of years until we could find a house we loved, or property to build on.  The house we bought is the dumpiest house on a very nice street in town.  It was built in the mid-fifties and has the original bathroom and kitchen.  It’s the only house on the street that isn’t sided and it has a yucky yard.  But…. it has a furnace and an air conditioner that are three years old, a good roof, new carpet in the bedrooms, a new poured concrete drive, it’s in the best school district in town, it’s on a great quiet street, and it was priced WAY lower then anything in the area.  We’re going to gut the kitchen, remodel the bathroom, add vinyl siding, replant the yard, and hopefully, finish part of the basement.  Our plan is to do the improvements, live there a couple of years, and then hopefully price it for a ridiculously high price like all the other houses in town and make some cash.  I’m not super excited about the house, but I am VERY excited about not living in my camper all winter!

My college rodeo in Alabama ended last night.  Otey left with the Mason’s this morning and headed back to Iowa for work this week.  Cooper and I are staying in Alabama because I have another rodeo just a few hours from here that starts on Thursday.  We will all meet up in Indiana in a week. 

Cooper has a snotty nose and a 100* temp.  Everyone keeps saying it’s teeth… but no chompers yet.  Hopefully I will have time to post some pictures late tonight.  Check back tomorrow.

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