House número dos

The new house is just days away from being move-in-ready!  The carpet is down upstairs.  I have switched out all the light fixtures (Ceiling Fans are a must for me) and all of the plug ins.  Let me just go ahead and make a public service announcement for all of us out there that are too poor to build our very own new house and are forced to buy a "used" house… DO NOT PAINT YOUR PLUG INS AND/OR COVERS.  I mean really… how hard is it to take ONE screw out of the plate, and then put a little piece of painters tape on the plug ins and switches?  I can not stand a painted plug in!  They all must be fresh, crisp, clean, and white!  I bought two huge contractor’s packs of plug ins and have about 6 left to finish up in my office.  My Mom and I are painting the ceiling in the main living area (one big room that is kitchen/dining/living) tomorrow, and then I’m pretty sure the top floor is ready.  I have ordered the basement carpet and it’s going to be in the house by the end of next week.  Then everything will be done!  Almost everything.  I want to switch out some doors and we have to move a cabinet to fit our refrigerator in, and I have to have a plug for my stove. I am totally in love with my smooth top and there is no way I’m switching to a gas stove.  Oh ya… don’t forget about that pesky septic tank that works perfectly but must be replaced because US Bank employees are big fat tattle-tales.  All of those projects are on my (imagine an echoing voice here) ***SUUUUPER DAD’S*** 2do list.  He is stuck in Indiana working right now, but has assured me that he will soon be coming to Iowa… work clothes and tools in hand.  Speaking of hands… or feet… only 24 hours to get your foot contest pictures in!  It’s going to be soooo hard to pick a winner… they are great!

  • Heather - Kathy, I’m thinking that atleast one of our mom’s should have been stuck w/ BOTH of us!!!!

  • aunt harriet/mom - I guess this is where we finally have to part ways. I HATE seeing outlets shining like ugly bold 4 eyed monsters on every wall! I paint them out, I WANT them to disappear! I put those little safety caps over them and paint over them so you can’t see all of those little “insect” eyes sticking out on every wall! I HATE THEM.. I HATE THEM.. I HATE THEM!! Nothing destroys a nicely painted wall more than one of those ugly little plastic rectangles with 4 beady little eyes and 2 noses shining through! UGGGGG!!! In my house you will find them painted over and wallpapered over, or a piece of funature or drapes covering them, hopefully never to be seen again unles needed! And here I was becoming more and more convinced that your mom should have had Heather and I should have had you! You just burst my bubble!

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