… until Wednesday!  The next few days are going to be jam packed.  Meet with the carpet guy, window guy, and mattress lady… print and ship three orders… catch up on laundry and paying bills… did you catch that "meet the mattress lady"?  That ba-zillion dollar mattress we bought the first of the year… has a HUGE dent in it.  Like one spot is WAY broken down.  They’re coming tomorrow to check it out and see if they’re going to replace it. 

My rodeo went good this weekend.  Otey survived his first horse back.  It was way fun to watch him get on again.  I think it was really fun for him too.  He’s entered next weekend at Palestine, Illinois (I am also working Palestine).  He’s in the Sunday 7:30pm performance… if any of you Terrible Hauters want to come and watch… it’s only about 30 or 40 minutes to Palestine.

Otey’s Grandpa always sits in the same place at their kitchen table.  I love this picture of him telling a story on his birthday.


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