Well, we are back in Iowa.  Cooper is feeling better today.  He isn’t running such a high temp and he’s peeing more today.  He is still sleeping a lot.  Our new refrigerator is coming this afternoon.  I picked out our new refrigerator with our new kitchen in mind, and it won’t fit in the hole in our current kitchen.  This morning I hacksawed the cabinets and made the hole big enough so it would fit until we remodel.  If you thought the pink kitchen was white trash before, you should see it now!  My good baby slept right on the other side of the wall as I hacksawed and hammered.  Now that is a good sleeper!

Cooper did great on the flight yesterday.  In Vegas, they make you come to the airport three hours early because the security lines are so long.  We had to leave the motel at 4:00AM, so by the time we got on the plane at 7:30, Cooper was ready to nap.  He slept the entire three hour flight.  Here is a pic of him crawling around in the filthy airport before we got on the plane.  Don’t worry Mom, I cleaned him up good.  I just couldn’t make him sit on our lap for the hour we waited when he had just been held for an hour and a half getting through security and was going to be held for three hours on the plane.  Here he is making friends with all the passer-bys on the people mover…


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