This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this blog entry… but how funny is my kid?  He looks like he’s about to go super ninja on me!


My two trusty co-pilots and I made it home about 3:30 this afternoon.  The six hour trip was quick and painless.  Cooper was a good little traveler like usual.  We are all happy to be back together.  This is going to be a crazy busy week.  I have to take entries for the first college rodeo of the semester tomorrow.  That means a busy day and a very late night.  Funny how Cooper gets up at 6:30am regardless of what time I go to bed.  Tuesday will be a jam-packed day getting everything ready to go, and then the whole family heads to Mississippi Wednesday at 5:01pm.  I’m excited that Otey is going to get to go and just be Cooper’s Dad.  It makes my job sooooo much easier at the rodeo when I know that Cooper is with his Dad or one of his Grandmas.  When I’m working at a rodeo, it’s after midnight every night before I get back to the room.  Cooper is always fast asleep and it’s hard not to pick him up and hold him.  We are together 24/7 for weeks at a time, and then when I have to work, it seems so weird not to have him right by my side.  I sure love that little pain in the keester.  Is that how you spell keester?  You know.. KEY-STIR.  I don’t even know what it should start with… a Q?  On to another subject… vote on the poll below you stinking blog stalkers.  Less then a quarter of the people who looked at the blog yesterday voted.  I know it’s tricky…  click in a circle, and then click Vote.  Email me if you need more specific instructions  🙂

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