Holy Votes Batman!

This photo contest takes the cake. With over 2000 votes in four days, it’s been exciting to watch it come down to the very end. I am happy to report, that I will be awarding two first place prizes because of the great effort of two mommies to recurit everyone they knew (and some people they didn’t know) to vote for their kids four days in a row.

Abbygaither_2Winner number one is “bathtub banana” which was shot by Abby from Success, Missouri. Her sweet son Kaden (the cutie in the bathtub) turned two years old yesterday. Happy Birthday Kaden! Averi_2Winner number two “baby w/oranges” was shot by FOUR YEAR OLD Averi from Marshall, Missouri. The cutie in her photo is her six month old baby brother, Will. You have seen Averi several times on my blog because I have had the privlage of shooting three sessions with her. HERE she is in action with her Fisher Price Digital Camera.

I can not believe the amazing response this photo contest recieved. I had two other kids, a Grandma, and three Moms enter the contest also. All the entries were great. But when you have two photos with almost 900 votes, how can you not have two winners? One of the coolest things about these contests are all the people that I meet. I get emails everyday from complete strangers (who were routed to the blog by the contestants to vote) who read something or see something on my blog that makes them take the time to email me or leave a comment. It really is a great feeling knowing that there are so many good people out there who take a few minutes to vote for their friends.
With all that said, congratulations Abby & Averi! Just drop me an email and let me know if you’d like a half price sitting fee with kathymccloy photography, a free 11×14 from your session, or a $25 gift card to the website of your choice. Keep a look out for my next photo contest to show up on the blog the end of February.

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