Holy Cow!


I truly am the world’s luckiest woman.  I am married to my very best friend.  Being married really is better then I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams… and I know that is very simply because I married the right person.  Otey is the most generous and loving person I know.  He is the kind of father that every wife hopes her husband will be. He loves his family and friends with everything he has and and is the most dedicated employee a business could ever ask for.  I am sooo, sooo proud to be his wife.  Every now and then I tell him, “I can’t believe you picked me”… and I mean it.  I really can’t believe that God gave me a man like Otey to have forever.  I love being able to trust him whole heartedly and I love the way he makes me laugh everyday.  Here are a few photos from the past five years of me and my honey.  You can tell just how happy I am by tracking the expansion of my hiney (not honey) over the lifetime of “us”.  There aren’t very many pre-marriage pictures because we only dated six months.  The very first time I ever had a non-work related conversation with Otey (just a few months after meeting him), I went to bed in a dark empty room and said out loud… “Kathy McCloy”….  I new at that moment that I was going to marry him.  One month later we had decided that we were getting married, two months after that we were engaged, and three months later we were married.  When you know it’s right… it’s right.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OTEY!!!  Thanks for loving me… I know I don’t always make it easy.


Camera: everything from a $5.00 disposable to my professional camera on the last shot. Photo credits: Kathy Sankey, Andy Curry, Karen Curry, SOFAP studio, Multiple Cameras with timers, and a few reach and click self portraits.

Photo Contest #2 Send me a picture of something that you can not live with out… the kicker… it can not be something that’s alive… pets and people are out. Time to dig down deep and search your shallow side… what’s you addiction… indulgence… or selfish pleasure? Now, once you figure out what it is… figure out a cool way to portray it in a photo and send it to me! *One entry per person. * Entries must be received via email by Friday, September 21st @ midnight. *The winner will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant or online store of their choice!

    Laura, Travis and Lance

  • Heather - I never imagined you soooo mushy!!! Happy Anniversary!! Love you both, and Cooper the most!! ha ha

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