Hi. ***wave***

I’m alive. Thanks for your emails. I’ve been meeting myself coming and going and growing baby number three is sucking the life out of me. Late night office hours have been nonexistent lately. I can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to get Cooper and Grady to bed. I’m currently sitting in the DesMoines airport headed to California for a day and a half. I am taking my laptop with hopes of a OM+KM post. I plan to wrap that mushy love business up soon! Here are a few updates on the month you missed…
1. My tiny newborn baby is walking (running) all over the place.
2. Cooper has learned to talk back. Where does a three and a half year old come up with this stuff?
3. A rodeo in Minnesota, A week in New Mexico, Two weddings and about ten family sessions.

Other than that, you haven’t missed much.

Glad to be back.

  • amy stamm - hey heard that you met a friend of mine—LEAH-!!! OMG I am so jealous!!! lol~~~

  • amy stamm - OMG!! I soo miss you!! Awe-hope your doing ok–I cant imagine baby #3.. miss ya!!

  • Tanya - I have missed reading about all of the fun adventures from the McCloy family. We thought of you when we were in Colorado. We stayed right by the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.
    Glad you are all doing well!

  • Amber - Glad you posted…I even called your mom’s house to check on you, but no answer. Happy to hear you are doing good (well, alive anyway!)

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