Hey! Pepto Bismol!

Nausea – Heartburn – Indigestion – Upset Stomach – Diarrhea… that’s what my "new" kitchen gives me.  Good news is, it’s the color of the cure…. Hey!  Pepto Bismol!  I really hope you sang that to the tune of the commercial, or it really loses all it’s comedic weight.  Here is a sneak peak of our new little hacienda.  Quit!  I know you are all having keeping up with the Jones’s envy as you view my new dream kitchen… but not everyone can be as lucky as us McCloys!  Everyone take a good hard look at these pics because if you ever come to visit me (which you all always say you are going to do, but no one ever does) this kitchen will be GONE!  I only wish that you could see the exquisite detailing in the forest green carpet… the way the little 1 inch pink diamonds bring out the wall color.  I mean this kitchen has really got me thinking… why don’t we put more forest green and pepto pink together?  I wish I would have had my camera instead of the point-n-shoot so I could have maybe got a smidge of the baby blue paint in the adjoining living room in the frame for your viewing pleasure. 



Otey is off to the airport to fly to Dallas, and Cooper and I are headed to Indiana in the morning.  Love to all and Happy Friday!

  • Stormi - Hey, I PROMISE to come and help paint!!! ANYTHING to help get rid of that pink. What were the owners thinking?

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