Here you go Mom…

Here’s the skinny… last night (Wednesday) Cooper went to bed at 8:30pm and I headed out for my college rodeo and left Cooper and Otey for a boy’s weekend in Iowa.  I drove three hours to Columbia, Missouri and then got in with some friends of ours and drove thirteen more hours to Troy, Alabama.  We arrived here at lunch time with just enough time to spare for me to catch a fast shower and then head to the rodeo for work tonight.  I got back to the room after tonight’s performance about 11:30 and am just seconds from crashing.  I have slack in the morning so that 7:30 wake up call is going to come WAY early.  Now… do all you hecklers feel bad for harassing me for missing a day of blogging?   It’s nice to know that you miss me!  Why did I even mention that I was going to try and blog everyday for thirty days straight?  I take it back.  I’ve already messed it up… twice… maybe even three times.  I’m here until late Saturday night when we’ll head out to conquer the 900+ miles home.  I miss my boys.  I’m sure they are enjoying a fun weekend of burping, watching TV, and making messes.  ANNNDDDD… because I aim to please, here is a recent picture Cooper’s uncle Cody shot of Uncle Ben roughing him up.  Thanks for the photo Uncle Cody!


  • Cooper - Just wanted to confess, I also eat cat food.

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