Hello Winter!

Well…  winter has officially shown up in Iowa.  I should have known that 40* was too good to last!  Here is a shot from in front of our house looking down our street…


Notice the man pushing the tiller looking thing… it’s a snow blower… every other person on our street has one… that should tell you something!  You all would have had a big laugh if you’d have seen me going out to take this photo.  When Coop went down for his morning nap, I thought I’d just run outside and snap a quick photo.  Well, the snow was like five inches deep and the moccasins that I have been wearing everyday for over a month we’re going to let my socks get all wet.  So, me being the fashion plate that I am, I just happened to have a pair of pointy toe, knee high, high heel boots sitting by the garage door.  You might be thinking that this doesn’t sound really safe… well you’re probably right.  I slipped them on (tucked my black sweatpants in the top so they didn’t get all snowy) and tip-toed out to the middle of the street to snap a picture to show all of you.  I’m sure the old lady that lives across the street reported me to the loony bin, but I haven’t had much need for snow boots this winter, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Moral of this story… I didn’t break my neck, my socks remained dry, and I’ll do anything for my loyal blog checkers! 

I tried to get some shots of Cooper today but he wasn’t much into it.  He received a way cute handmade stocking cap from his uncle Cody for Christmas and would have no part of leaving it on his head when I stepped back to get the shot, here’s what I repeatedly got…


Maybe tomorrow 🙂

  • cody mccloy - awwwww — cute pic — I’ll have to send it to my friend that mde the hat 🙂

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