Hate Mail

For all of you who have been sending me hate mail, here is a new post.  My laptop is unable to get online until I can send it to Gateway (after my last rodeo in November).  I have been using Otey’s to get online, and mine for work, it stinks.  As soon as I get somewhere with a speedy connection, I’ll upload new pictures.  I have tons. 

We have been in Amana, IA this week for a farm show.  Cooper and I have been hanging out in the camper a bunch while Otey works because it is REALLY muddy at the show.  Tonight (Thursday) Otey flies to Buffalo, NY to work a car race this weekend, and Cooper and I leave with the truck and camper for Fruitport, MI.  I’m going to try and drive most of it tonight while Coop’s asleep just so the trip will go faster for him.  He does great, but it has to get old facing backwards looking at the truck seat for hours.  When we’re all together I can sit back there and play with him while he’s awake, but when it’s just him and I, I bet he gets lonely. 

Fruitport should be fun.  My Folks are bringing my two nephews for the weekend and are going to keep Cooper in the evenings while I work.  It’s a really little three day rodeo so I won’t have anything to do during the day but visit.

Cooper is getting around very fast these days.  He goes a few strides at a crawl, and then just does a seal walk pushing with his toes.  It’s amazing how fast he can get around and how curious he is.  He gets into EVERYTHING!  He is starting to learn what "no" means.  He is eating like he has a tape worm.  He’ll eat 10-12 ozs of baby food in a sitting at least four times a day, plus some bottles.  You’d think he’d be a pork chop, but he’s long and lean.  He will go to anyone and loves smiling and talking with anyone who will give him the chance.  He’s starting to fuss for me a little bit, although it can be a pain, I must admit it warms my heart.

I promise to update the blog more often, pictures might be slowing coming until I get this computer crap sorted out.  Love to all.

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