Happy B-Day GMA Curry!

My Mom has been 40 for like two decades and it’s beginning to not add up… I’m almost 30… you do the math. Anyway, today was my Mom’s B-Day and the McCloy’s decided not to send a boring old Birthday card… so here you go Grandma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


The last two days have been great. I LOVE having Otey home with me. We have got a lot of stuff done around the house, but most of all, I just miss being together all of the time. When we came off the road full time last year and he went to work in the office, it was a MAJOR adjustment for me. Call me crazy, I just like hanging out with my husband… weird, huh? Cooper has also enjoyed having him home all day. There has been a lot of horse play and A LOT of eating going on. Hopefully that continues until Monday when the real world forces it’s way back in to our lives. Until then… party at the McCloys!

  • Heather - This has to be the best! You make me laugh out loud!! Keep up the fun stuff!!

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