Green Snot Monster

I started off the morning with an around-the-town photo session with a long time friend, Sasha S.  Talk about photogenic.  It seems like just yesterday that she was a little girl in love with the guys in N*Sync.  Now she is all grown up, not to mention way too pretty.  I took TONS of pictures with my new lens (which I am deeply in love with).  I only had time to zip through them super fast tonight, but I can’t wait to work on them tomorrow.  After a fun couple hours of picture taking, Otey, Cooper and I went to Jefferson City, MO to meet Otey’s folks so they could visit with Cooper (oh ya, they say they want to visit with us too… but we all know the truth).  We had a nice visit with a little bit of shopping thrown in here and there.  Cooper’s Grandma helped me pick out the CUTEST Halloween costume.  It’s top secret for now, but oh is it cute!  We tried it on tonight and it was all I could do to keep from getting my camera out.  I can’t wait until Halloween.  We are all still suffering from the snotting, coughing, yucky crud.  Cooper is the only one who has taken any antibiotics, and it doesn’t seem to have done him much good.  I thought he was over the hump, but the green snot monster was back in full force tonight.  Well, I’m off to bed to add my stuffed up snoring to the duet that is currently filling the camper. 

Sasha… (more in the Friends and Family folder later this week)


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