Is that not the most heavenly thing you have ever seen?  It’s amazing how obsessed I have become with those tiny little bright green blades.  Otey and I made several failed attempts at growing grass at our house in Missouri, and now I am on attempt number one here in Iowa.  Here is our front "yard"…


All of that insulation looking stuff it supposed to make your grass seed stick better and help it to grow.  Well the good news is that the little suckers have started bursting through over the past two days!  Yippee!!!  I am finally growing real grass… and now I’m moving.  Geesh!  I’m glad the house is going to look better to sell, and I’m pretty darn sure that there aren’t any places I need to grow grass at the new house, but I sure hope it hurries up so that I can enjoy my handy work for a few weeks before we move.  Here’s one more exciting shot of grass growing…


Anyone who has ever used the phrase "as boring as watching grass grow" obviously didn’t plant and nurture that grass because let me tell you… it’s pretty darn exciting watching it grow!

  • Leann Lowry - Hey Kathy,
    I would love the sight of grass growing in our yard. We aren’t having that much luck. We planted lots. It has been so dry…we need some rain.

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