Grady (aka… BOB)

I've mentioned on my blog before that Grady REALLY likes eating table food. But I'm not sure that you really understand how much he enjoys it.

Have you seen the movie What About Bob? If not, you should rent it.. it's a scream, but that's beside the point. There's a scene in the movie where Bob (Bill Murray) is eating dinner and he goes on and on and on about how great dinner is. He puts a bite in his mouth and says "ummmm, uuuuuummmmm, UM! This is delicious! um, um, UM!" With many more uummmms to follow.

That's Grady.

That's how much Grady likes table food.

No, not likes… LOVES.






He seriously "uuummmmmmmms" the entire time he is eating. I wish I had audio to share with you. This will have to do.

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