gone… again

Warm. Sun. It does still exist.
Wednesday night when I left my house at 10pm to head to the first college rodeo of the spring in southern Mississippi that was what I had to keep repeating to myself to make it out the door and away from Cooper for three more days. I’ve only left him maybe ten days in his whole life, and two weekends in a row is about to do me in. It was about 70* when I got here today… and SUN… glorious SUN! It’s supposed to be a little colder tomorrow, but as long as it stays above freezing I’ll be in heaven! Cooper is home with his Daddy having a big old bachelor’s weekend. I’m sure they are doing fun stuff like leaving dirty clothes all over the house and not brushing their teeth. Party like Mom’s gone!
At the workshop in California last weekend we had an afternoon where we shot some WAY cute kids. I’m going to share a few of those over the next few days while I’m busy at this rodeo. How pretty is this little girl?


Sidenote #1… There were several people who ID’ed the painted ladies in my teaser photo. Matt got all the credit because he was the early riser who commented first.

Sidenote #2… Did you remember to vote for my photo on BluDomain? Voting is open until the 22nd of March if you haven’t made it over there yet. VOTE HERE.

  • Kim - Beautiful image Kathy.
    I would just like to add a note to the Painted Ladies adventure. I was with Miss Kathy when she was driving all over Sf to find the painted ladies. Unfortuately I felt carsick but it was certainly not from your driving (no really!!!). It was those darn steep hills which Kathy navigated beautifully.
    This is one amazing woman…wise beyond her years. And so much FUN.

  • Kari - Yeah, I didn’t figure you’d be blogging all weekend. You are the one I can usually count on. People haven’t been very faithful lately and it’s very disappointing.

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