Go Diego! Go Diego!

Good news Grandma Curry!!!
Cooper has decided he wants to wear the Go Diego “big boy” underwear you got him for Christmas!
They are a perfect fit!


I’m afraid this is about as close to potty training as I’m going to get for awhile! We sit on the big boy potty… but so far… no action. Tonight before his bath we sat there for a long time and then the second he sat down in the bathtub he turned it loose. He is quite intrigued by his bodily functions. So intrigued that I can’t keep pants on the kid. If he is alone for 45 seconds he is out of his pants (and diaper) and running around with a bare hiney. This morning when I went in to get him out of his crib tent (just added the crib tent part to remind you that my kid seriously lays awake at night thinking of ways to turn my hair gray)he had removed his pants (and diaper) sometime during the night and then had a pee-pee party all over his sheets. The worst thing is no matter how much I scold him (should any parent have to literally say eight times a day “get your hand off your pee-pee and where are your pants?”) he thinks it’s all in great fun. He’ll run down the hallway and take his pants off, run back into the living room with the full moon shining and laugh hysterically. Ahhhh!!! Today I finally broke down and went to buy him some pajamas that the pants snapped to the shirts. I’ve also started putting a onesie on him during the day just to try and slow down the diaper removal process. Bad news is we are about to out grow the biggest size of onesies! They are so tight… he already looks like he should have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. Someday… someday maybe he’ll wear those “big boy” underwear on the other end.


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