giggle ’till you pee (or fall over)

The video quality on this is really REALLY bad. I shot it with my phone the same night as the animal sounds video. Cooper got a couple of “Higglytown Heros” sets for his birthday and we had just put them all together (and took them all apart, and put them all together, and… you get the point). There is a playground set with a spiral slide that Cooper LOVES. Otey is making a toy cat hop up the stairs (meow-meow-meow-meow) and then when the kitty zooms down the slide Otey’s yells “rehhhrrrnnnn”. Is that how you spell that? You know the sound a cat makes when it gets it tail caught in a door. Cooper laughed soooo hard. The best kind of laughter… the kind where his mouth is wide open but he is laughing so hard that no noise comes out. He has THE MOST contagious giggle. I sure hope his brother has the same one. It will be fun to hear them giggling like that from down the hall.

Cooper just walked in while I was watching this video and laughed and laughed at himself and the squealing daddy/kitty. He just made me play in four times in a row.

  • Laura - That is SOOOOO Funny! Cooper is getting so big!

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