Germ Fest

Cooper and I are off to his two year old Dr’s appointment this morning. PLEASE pray that we don’t pick up the awful flu that everyone is talking about from one of the little sick ankle bitters in the pediatricians office. I think I’ll get there about 30 seconds before our appointment time. The waiting room is filled with germ infested fun toys that Coop loves to play with. I’m not a germ-a-phob at all, heck… my kid eats food out of the dirt and who knows what else. It’s just the thought of all the little snotty, coughing, puking not so healthy children touching something and Cooper touching it 10 minutes later. Yuck.

On a side note, check out my friend Erica’s new BLOG today. She started it several months ago with a single post, but she’s now recommitted to the blogging thing. She said all of her friends were getting blogs and she was getting left behind! The link is also to your right in my friends and family links list. Anyone else have a new/old blog or webpage you want me to link to?

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