Funny Farm

MOM SAYS: "Cooper… Please let Mommy just get one good picture of you.  You look so stinkin’ cute in your church clothes."

COOPER THINKS: Hold your horses lady.  I’m trying to get my shoes on.  Besides… have you not already taken like 10,000 pictures of me?


MOM SAYS: "Come on Coop.  Just one good picture and we’ll quit."

COOPER THINKS: I’m not looking! I"m not looking!


MOM SAYS: "Cooper Dawson!  Sit still and look at Mommy."

COOPER THINKS:  Okay… this will really push her over the edge…



MOM SAYS: "I just want one good picture of you, you little turd!  Just one picture because your eyes look so cute in that blue shirt."

COOPER THINKS:  Fine.  Okay.  Here you go.  Can you handle this much cuteness?


MOM SAYS:  "Just a few more Coop…"

OTEY SAYS:  "Enough Kathy!  That’s as good as it’s going to get!"

Poor Otey.  He lives in the funny farm.  How did he ever get stuck with us?  How could Coop and I ever make it without him?  Thank goodness God gave me a level headed husband!

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