Happy Memorial Day everyone and thanks to all who serve this country everyday.  Overseas, here in America, Policeman, Firefighters, everyone who puts their life on the line so that I can do unimportant silly things… like blog!

These pictures are mostly to show my cousin Heather and my Mom how their hard work turned out.  The inside of the house is DONE!  Here is the living room…



Cooper’s room.  I know… very boring khaki walls.  The realtor said we needed everything to be neutral.  Stay tuned for a more exciting paint job at the new house!


Our bed room.  Feel free to comment on the aqua sheets, gold bedspread, and chocolate bedskirt and pillows.  My Mom and Otey both don’t like it, but I love it.  Also, be sure to picture the great big chocolate brown leather headboard that should be in this pic (we’re taking donations).


This is the extra bedroom that normally houses my office also.  We moved it to the basement because those multiple hours of watching "Design to Sell" have taught me that you shouldn’t multi-purpose rooms when you’re selling.  The buyer assumes that there aren’t enough rooms in the house for them either.


And the bathroom…  the finished, everything painted, new floor, new toilet seat, bathroom.  Not exactly what I would want, but cheap, fast, and WAY better then it was.  That shower curtain is chocolate brown… it kind of looks black in the photo.



We got most of the yard finished too.  Complete with a mulched flower bed!  Are you so proud of me Mom?

  • aunt harriet/mom - it must be something in the gene pool – aren’t you supposed to read everything from the back to the front? I like your colors in the master bedroom – of course – they are the same as in mine! Love you all!

  • Heather - Looks so awesome Kathy! Can’t believe the difference! Especially the bathroom! How’s the grass growing?

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