Food. Food. Food.

That’s all I can think about. Random thoughts of a crazy 7+ month pregnant lady…

1. (while editing photos of Emily’s wedding cake) Man that was a good cake. I love wedding cake. I wish I had a piece of that cake right now. Wedding cake… that might make the stress of shooting weddings worth it… wedding cake EVERY WEEKEND… sign me up.

2. (while leaving the Wendy’s drive through sipping my root beer) Man this root beer is good… I bet if I hurry home really fast I can scoop the ice out of it and put some ice-cream in it.

3. (while editing almost every night 11pm-ish) I’m starving… you shouldn’t eat this late at night… you are pregnant, you can eat any time you want… I want ice-cream… you should eat some fruit or something kind of good for the baby. How about cereal… Frosted Flakes… I’ll eat the low sugar kind, that’s like a “diet” midnight snack.

4. (at the McDonald’s drive through for breakfast when we’re on the road) I’d like a bacon-egg-and cheese biscuit, an order of Cinnamon melts, a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, a white milk, and a bottle of water. Hold on… what do you want Otey?

You do realize while you are all laughing at this post right now… it’s not going to be so fun when I am constantly blogging about trying to loose weight in a few months. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a blog stalker! And I leave you with my whacko (is that how you spell that?) kid in the yard last night…


Sidenote… If you are friends or family with Emily and Dusty, their gallery is up at Their password is their favorite NFL football team mascot (one word, all lowercase).

  • Georgia McCloy - Hey, I love pictures of everyone but I really love pics of Cooper,he is so fun Love Grandma

  • Kim - But what about those of us who eat and think like that when we’re not pregnant?????????

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