Cooper has a tooth!  I was feeding him tonight and when his gums scraped across my finger, I felt it!  We have our first tooth!  Click on the pic below to see up close (It’s still very little).


Tonight we took Cooper on a walk to the street one over from my Parent’s house to see a couple of houses that are decorated for Halloween.  And when I say decorated.. I mean they went all out.  There are pictures in the October folder. On to the second most exciting thing that happened to our family today…

THE CARDINALS WON GAME 3 OF THE WORLD SERIES!!! They now lead two games to one and they play in St. Louis again tomorrow night.  I put Cooper’s lucky Cardinals Pj’s back on him and BAM!  We win again.  Cooper will be sporting them again tomorrow night.  I think after the Cardinals win the World Series, I will frame those Pj’s so when Cooper gets older I can tell him that 2006 was the best year ever… he was born… and the Cardinals won the World Series thanks to his lucky Pj’s! 

  • Elizabeth - Hey, Kathy. I must say you do have cute kid.I believe you use to make fun of the way I acted over my boys, I’m pretty sure you are going to be the same way. I have enjoyed checking in on you guys.

  • Stormi - Kathy, your kid looks very unsure of what you are doing to him in that picture!!Poor guy, that look is almost to say “um mom, what exactly are you doing with my spoon?”

  • Heather - I can’t wait to see Cooper w/ his new tooth on Friday!!!! Miss ya & love you….H

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