First Tooth! (version 2.0)

I spent a lot of time torturing Cooper the first year of his life, and because I want to be a good mother, and treat my kids equally… I think it’s important that I torture Grady at the same level. So, in honor of THIS POST about Cooper’s first tooth. Here’s a photo of G-funk’s first tooth…


Since we shot this photo (a week ago) Grady has got ANOTHER tooth!  TWO TEETH!  My tiny little itty bitty (10 month old today) newborn baby has two teeth.

Happy Thursday.

  • Mandi - OMG!! How sweet! Ayson, my itty bitty 6 month old, has 2 teeth!! 2 TEETH!! My other two kiddos didn’t have teeth until they were one year olds!! I’m super sad! But Ayson is super cute with teeth, and without of course! Grady is getting so big and is so handsome!

  • Alison bowersock - That is exciting! I thought Abram was stealing all the babies his age teeth. He has so many teeth irbid ridiculous. I mean everything on top and bottom and his molars. I didn’t think they were supposed to get that many teeth already!

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