First Day as a 9 to 5iver

Today was Otey’s first day in the Dodge Rodeo Office as an official 9 to 5iver.  It’s strange that I wasn’t there to see him off on his first day.  I felt like I should have been there to take a picture of him climbing in his truck with his backpack and superman lunch box… okay, he didn’t take a backpack or a superman lunchbox…. but you get the illustration… it’s like I missed Cooper’s first day of school or something.  We talked for a few minutes tonight and he said it all went good.  I’m so proud of him for having the courage to start something new when he was already so good at his old job. 

Cooper and I had a pretty lazy day today.  He is now throwing the ball for Louie.  It only goes two or three feet, but when you tell him to throw it, he does.  Louie is thinking he’s got him trained.  My Dad and I weighed Cooper today and he is exactly 20 lbs. 

I took pictures of two crazy sisters on Saturday, and I’m going to take pictures of my cousin Heather’s family tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have new pics up by the end of the week.  Thanks to all of you who are being so supportive about the photography. I hope I can make you all proud!  Until tomorrow….

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