Two years ago this Grandma received a gift certificate from her kids to have family photos taken.  One family in Tennessee, one in Terre Haute, and one an hour away.  Tricky.

Most photographers will tell you… extended family photo shoots are challenging.  Usually they involve lots of small children, junk food bribery, grandparents who think their grandkids can do no wrong, parents who KNOW their children CAN do wrong.

Just gets complicated and sometimes stressful.

Luckily, that’s not the case for me.

I LOVE the sibling dynamic, the inside jokes, and the grandparents blinding love for their grandkids.   What a gift for these babies to look back on some day, and what a gift for loving grandparents to show off their entire hearts in one photograph.

So glad we could finally make this happen Kenworthy Clan.

IMG_1133IMG_1100IMG_1193IMG_1301IMG_1299IMG_1115IMG_1255         IMG_1273IMG_1221         IMG_1216IMG_1422

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