THIS image has been in my head for months… maybe a year.  Every time I drive past this “dot” on the side of one of the downtown buildings in Ottumwa I think “the next time I have a pitchable (is that a word?) age baby and a fun Dad I’m going to THAT dot”.

And you know what?

I always forget about it until two days after a shoot.

Not this time.


This sweet baby and husband belong to photographer Collyn Ware.  I would provide you with a link to her webpage (clearing my throat here Collyn…) but she is still in the process of setting one up.  For now, her blog will have to do.  Six months ago I had the opportunity to shoot newborn photos for them.  I LOVE second sessions after tiny newborn photos.  I am amazed everytime at how fast a tiny newborn becomes a little person.  Truly a miracle.


The best part about shooting another photographer?  Camera Geek talk.  By the way… when did I turn into such a geek?  Was it once I passed 25?  30?  Was it when I started thinking it was exceptable for a grown woman to drink out of a sippy cup or cover a puke stained shirt with a cute scarf?  Wait, that’s not a geek…  that’s a dork…  anyway, back to Collyn and family.


I posted the above image to show that I am capable of shooting all subjects in a photo looking directly at the camera, but seriously… how much fun is that?


Sidenote… this is the first REAL sneak peak I have posted since early summer.  Not only am I a geek/dork… I’m a lazy blogger!

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