Filth & Swiss Cheese

I went to our new house tonight to do some measuring.  There is a display kitchen on sale at one of the local homestore’s that I am trying to make work.  It is half price and I really like the cabinets.  They are neutral enough that they should be perfect for resale.  The current owners of the house are moved out, and all that’s left in the house is their dirt.  I am going to call Merry Maids tomorrow and see if I can get the house cleaned this week.  I am okay with cleaning house if it’s my own family’s filth, but not someone else’s!  After a LOT of measuring, I think that I have determined that my big plan to rip out a wall, and move the basement staircase is going to work.  All I need to figure out is if I can move one window.  That shouldn’t be too big of a deal if we are going to put new siding on the house anyway… right?  That’s a job for superdad!  I am going to go and look at some paint colors tomorrow.  The walls look like swiss cheese, I think the current owners were very indecisive picture hangers.  I figured hole patching was something I could do with Cooper in my backpack.  Speaking of Cooper… check out this picture… I think it might be the first one taken head on that you could see his tooth above his lip.  Look how big he looks… Sniff… Sniff….


Here is one more I really like.  Talk about determination.


  • Heather - I can tell you are related to my mom…tear this out, move this, change this…Can’t wait to see pictures!!

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