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When I met Otey, he had a very unique dining room set.  It was a round folding table (you know the kind… with the plastic top?) and four metal folding chairs.  One of which was green.  The other three were brown.  One had padding on it, and a couple of them had the location that they came from painted on the back of the seat.  Nice huh?  I can’t make fun of him too much… I fell in love with him in ONE NIGHT at that very table.  Speaking of falling in love with Otey, I’m going to blog about how we got together one of these days.  Anywho… when we got married we bought a smaller Mexican Pine dining table that was REALLY tall.  It had four super tall stools and we loved it.  It was perfect for our first small kitchen and perfect for newlyweds.

We used that table until Cooper was big enough to start knocking the stools over.  They were just so tall that they were impossible for him to climb into, and pretty darn heavy if he were to knock them over.  At this point, our beloved newlywed table moved out to the garage, and we started using a AWFUL table that I had in college, two white chairs that matched, a plastic chair that came from who knows where, and another chair that is supposed to be at the desk in our camper.  Did I mention that this combo was AWFUL?  We are finally at a point in our lives where we have pretty much replaced all of our hand-me-down furniture with our very own grown up stuff… and that table… those chairs… I HATED having them in my house.  Not just IN my house… but front and center in the dead center of the main room in our house.

So… FINALLY… a few weeks ago we got a table and chairs that is perfect for our current family.  No more newlywed furniture… no more college house-trailer furniture… a real life grown up table and chairs.


Now a normal person would think… “Wait a minute… those chairs… that table… they don’t match”.

Precisely.  I love it.  Organized chaos.  That is my life.  I have been SEARCHING for six months for the perfect table and chairs.  A set that I LOVED.  I came to the conclusion that a “set” that I LOVED was impossible… I couldn’t love a “set”.

So… my husband rocks and lets me be me… so I picked out a table, and three pairs of chairs from Pier 1 and I LOVE THEM.  The two brown chairs match the top of the table, and the two cream colored chairs are the same as the legs, and the two dark red chairs on the ends… they match nothing.  That’s why they are perfect.  Perfectly imperfect just like everything else in my life.  All of it is aged and distressed.  I knew some fancy perfect finish didn’t stand a chance at our house with Captain Destructo banging his silverware and toys all over it.



So what’s that obnoxious green thing you ask?  That my friends is the answer to your booster chair woes.  It’s called a Kaboost (links at the end of this post).  It has springs in it and adjusts with just tension to any size chair and any shape chair leg.  It allows Cooper to just sit in his chair “like a big boy” with no battle over a booster.  It also allows him to easily climb in and out of his chair by himself.  And most importantly, it means I have no DISGUSTING booster chair to clean.  You will also notice the absence of a traditional high chair in our house.  We never had one with Cooper, and so far, I haven’t bought one with Grady.  I use that small strap on highchair that you can see in the first image and get to (once again) avoid another big messy thing to clean.  Do you notice a theme here?

Sidenote… Otey’s leg is broke around the rod. THANK YOU LORD that the rod did not get bent. He’s very sore and he’s hobbling around on crutches. Cooper, Grady and I are all on antibiotics. Despite the mass quantities of snot and pain pills, we are all on the upward swing. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers this past week!

The Kaboost can be purchase in green or in brown. I would recommend the brown one because the green one is GREEN. I wish I had the brown but they just didn’t have it in stock when we bought ours.

  • Angie - I love it! We have the same set up, but in black… no two chairs match. I figure my bra and underwear don’t match, so why should my kitchen chairs!

  • Kim - all i can see is clean beautiful floors….i am sooooooooooo impressed.
    but the table and chairs look awesome too:)

  • Leslie L - Awesome! I love the set, I think it matches perfectly. It looks beautiful! Can I get a set in greens and browns?

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