Family #6

If you can’t tell by the glow… or the hand positioning… there is a baby boy in that tummy!  Not just any baby boy… a very hard earned, much loved invetro baby!


This next shot is my very favorite from the entire shoot.  This is Grandma & Grandpa Ruhe with all of their grandchildren.  It’s extra special to me because the little girl in between them with the curly hair, and the other little girl beside grandpa are my cousin Heather’s girls… Lexi and Lenzi.  Heather married her husband Keith last summer and it just melts my heart to see how much his entire family (the Ruhe clan from the last umpteen posts) have accepted Lexi and Lenzi.  You can tell that Grandma & Grandpa Ruhe treat her just like the grandchildren they’ve had since birth.  It’s wonderful to know that the girls already had two great sets of grandparents, and now they have THREE!  Thanks Ruhe family for a fun day, and for loving those girls.  You’ll be receiving an email with your password for your gallery in the next few days.


I received emails with pics of the two new baby boy’s…

Kyle & Julie’s  COY AVERY B.




Ahhh!!! I can’t wait to see them in person (and smell that yummy new baby smell) and take their pictures!  Way to go Mamas!  Good baby growin’!

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