I’m not even sure where to start… it feels like if I type it on this blog… then it will be real… This morning I got the call from Otey’s Mom that I have been dreading for a week.  Otey’s Grandpa passed away this morning in the hospital in Springfield, Missouri.  The week after his 80th birthday party, he went into the hospital and we quickly learned that it wasn’t good.  I can’t say enough about Grandpa George.  I just touched the tip of the iceberg in my blog post about his birthday.  When Otey and I first got married, we were at church in Marshall, MO on a Wednesday night and the congregation was filling out an outline along with the pastor.  The sermon was on living your life in a way that you didn’t have to tell people that you were a Christan… about the way you live your life being your strongest testimony… about being the kind of believer that inspired others to walk closer to God.  At the end of the sermon he told us to write down on our paper a person in our world that was the epitome of that sermon.  On the way home I asked Otey who he wrote down and he said his Grandpa George.  I had also wrote down Grandpa George with out a second of hesitation.  That, and only that is the thing that makes this bearable.  Knowing one hundred percent, that because of that faith, he really is no longer in pain.  He really is in heaven.  The hardest part is knowing Coop isn’t going to remember him.  After losing my Grandma in July, and now Otey’s Grandpa… I have came to the conclusion that being a grown up really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Heather - I love you, Kathy. Wish I could be there to hug you all. Hug Otey for me. Cooper definately has some wonderful Guardian Angels watching out for him!

  • laurie - Kathy,
    I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. I will be thinking about y’all. From what you’ve said, I know he will be greatly missed.

  • Stormi - I am so sorry Kathy. Please let Otey know the McCloy clan are in my prayers. Love you all!

  • aunt harriet/mom - Sorry that Otey, Cooper and you have lost Grampa George. The wonderful thing is that he has left a legacy in Otey to pass onto Cooper and Cooper’s children. Another wonderful thing is, I can see your Grampa, Grampa George and Great Grandmother Smith sitting in heaven talking about old times and watching over us. Cooper has the three best intercessors for his life in heaven, next to Jesus, that any one person could ever have!

  • Laura - I am so sorry to hear about Otey’s grandfather. I can tell that he was greatly loved and sounds like an awsome person. You and your family are in our prayers.


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