Extra Toes

It is Saturday.

We are in Iowa.

At Home.

Can you believe it?

Me neither!

What do you do with yourself on a Saturday when you’re at home?  Today we had the opportunity to find the "McCloy" answer to that question!  Here’s what we came up with…

I had a senior photo shoot about 20 minutes away first thing this morning.  Cooper and Otey just hung out at the house and played outside.  Otey cooked us all lunch and then he headed out to the new house to mow the lawn.  I put Cooper down for his nap at about 1:00… just like I do every single day… and Cooper, for the first time ever in his twenty months on earth… WENT ALL DAY WITH NO NAP!!!  AHHHHH!!!! He just hung out in his crib for two hours laughing and talking.  He never fussed once, and he never slept one second.  PLEASE LORD TELL ME THAT WE HAVEN’T OUT GROWN NAPS!!! AHHHHH!!! How will I shower?  Pay Bills?  Do Laundry?  Clean House?  Did I mention… AHHHHH!!!!!!  After Coop’s pretend nap, we went out to the new house and rode Otey’s horses.  Cooper loves to ride.  We bonded with our new barn cats.  Pat the Cat and either Six or Seven.  We’re not sure what the second cat’s name is yet.  We have to count his toes for the final name… Six or Seven.  He’s one of those weirdo-cats with extra toes.  Gosh… this post is so mesmerizing I know… cats with extra toes… do you really have nothing better to do then read about my crazy life?

  • aunt harriet/mom - Don’t ever stop blogging. I love opening my computer every morning and seeing what my favorite niece and her loved ones have been doing.
    Love ya!

  • julie bender - Could you add THE BENDER FAMILY BLOG to your other links and blogs?

  • julie bender - I do love reading your blog! Every post is soooo you! Would like Bender Family picture if you have time while in TH. Just Kyle, Me, and the kids!! Just..like it will be easy!!! Love Ya

  • Heather - I’m thinking…”I can’t believe Kathy has cats!!!”

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