THIS THURSDAY IS THE DEADLINE!!! ***Click on the "BE A BLESSING CONTEST" link to your right to see why being "third" is a great thing.***

I had five great sessions in Marshall this weekend. My entourage (not the cool kind of entourage like you see on MTV… mine are the kind that poop their pants) and I are headed to Indiana in the morning to sort out my cellphone CRAP-OLA and to pick up my second-string traveling nanny (my Mom) since my first-string (Otey) has to be in Texas this week and Iowa next week.

Please excuse my turtle like correspondence the past few days. I promise to be back to my normal email/cell phone/blogging speed by the time I leave Indiana on Wednesday morning. 

 Happy Monday!

  • Kim - I love that your entourage poops their pants…..You are a rock star, a true rock star.

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