Due Date

Well, my official due date has now come and gone.  Unless I have a baby in the next hour or so, it’s looking like tomorrow is going to be the big day.  07-07-08 will probably be baby No Name’s official birthday.  I’m supposed to call the doctor’s office at nine tomorrow morning and the game plan as of right now is that we will go in at noon and they’ll start me then.  I was induced with Cooper a week before my due date and from the time they broke my water until I was holding him was only about 7 hours.  If that’s the case, we should have baby Version 2.0 before dark!  I have rattled around all day cleaning and organizing like a wild woman, all the time thinking… “This is the last time we’ll go to church with just one kid”. “This is the last time that we are going to eat dinner as a three person family”.  “This is the last time I’m going to tuck Cooper in and just be HIS Mom”.  It’s a really odd feeling for me.  In a strange way, it still doesn’t seem like we are going to have another kid.  I have found myself wondering through this entire pregnancy if every 2nd time Mom feels this way… or if it’s just that the miracle of this baby still really hasn’t sunk in.  I’m sure when I’m getting up five times a night with a newborn… it will become VERY real. 

I’ll post tomorrow (Monday) morning after I get the official word from the doctor.

  • Nicole - Please post on everything he does!! Just kidding! I’m a little sister and won’t have any little siblings so this is very exciting for me. Probably the highlight of my summer besides vacation.

  • heather - can i be 1st on the ‘to call list’? ha ha being the mother of 2 is pretty neat – 2 very different versions of you, or 2 paybacks as my parents say! haha love you!

  • Katie & Caroline - Go Team!

  • Alexandra Frankel - Oy! The suspense is killing me!!

  • alison - It is a very weird feeling. I didn’t have it quite so much when Cadence was born, but I think that is because they were so close together. It was much different with Abram. I still can’t believe that we have 3 kids, and it’s been 4 months now! Good luck and we’ll be praying for both of you!!!

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