Down Time

Cooper and I are in Senatobia, Mississippi now.  My rodeo starts tonight.  We’re just four days away from going home and from seeing Otey.  Yippee!!!

Although our life seems pretty hectic and abnormal to most, it is the down time on the road that I love soooo much.  Cooper and I spent some time at the park on Tuesday.  He really likes swinging.  I must say, it is pretty tricky to push him on the swing and take his picture.  I really would have preferred to be laying on the ground shooting that way cute smile instead of his forehead. 


Here is our traveling outside mess.  Cooper strings his toys EVERYWHERE!  If I had a wide angle lens on my camera, you would be able to see there are toys about twenty foot in every direction.


I don’t know why this picture appeals to me so much.  Cooper is looking at some random trash he picked up off the ground.  I just like his focused look and Louie’s curiosity.  Notice how clean I’m keeping your truck, hunny!


  • Stormi - I was going to ask about the slide myself but I see Otey was the first one to it. Man I must be getting slow. What scares me is that Otey didn’t know about the slide. Kathy, how did you sneak that one past him? Like Heather said, she is John Curry’s daughter!!

  • laurie - i hope to see you and cooper saturday night.

  • Kathy - it lays down perfectly around the hitch in the back of the truck. no creative-riggin’ required!

  • Heather - Otey, you’re brave to ask that question! Knowing Kathy – and that she’s John Curry’s daughter, it’s hard telling what she’s rigged up! ha ha Love ya, Kathy!!

  • otey - Where are you putting the slide when you are driving?

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