don’t worry babe…

Oh my gosh this name thing is so over whelming! Thank you all SOOOOOOO much for your great suggestions and input. Now is when I tell you that we have chosen THE name… the name… the name… Okay, we still don’t have one. You all listed some of my very favorite names. Once I eliminated our nephews, close friends, family, ex’s, etc… that left us with about 10 names… most of which I have already campaigned for, and my sweet loving dear husband has shot down. I’ve just almost come to grips with the fact that this baby is going to get whatever reject name Otey and I can FINALLY agree on 30 minutes before they release us from the hospital. Canon has been my first choice and you all are divided about 50/50. Otey is anti-Canon (although I think he might have weakened just a tad). I also like Lincoln, Cash, Grayson (Gray). And to continue with our naming theme… Otey doesn’t like any of those either. He keeps telling me… “don’t worry babe, I’ll come up with a name you’ll like way better then all of those”. So far… he has nothing. Okay. That’s the end of it. I won’t be bringing up the naming thing on the blog again until we have one we agree on. If you have any new suggestions, feel free to comment or email them to me. 100’s of heads are way better then 2!
We are still in Pocatello, Idaho. We have both been working a lot but it’s been nice talking to each other about things other then grocery lists, and poopy diapers. Cooper is still partying hard with Grandma & Grandpa McCloy back in Missouri. I can’t imagine how exahusted they are going to be by the time we pick him up on Sunday. He kicks my butt daily and I’ve had two years to build up to this wild-man stage. I CAN NOT WAIT to hear him yell “MOMMY!!!!” I know it’s good for parents to have a break away from their kids sometimes… but I’m ready to be back on full time duty!

  • Bree - Just some more ideas…my nephews are: Rydale (rye-dale) Windsor and Jastin (like Jason with a ‘t’)
    Friends have Pierson, Langdon, Ashton (unisex I know), Brett, Grant, Ben, Clayton, Tait, Preston, Paxton, Eben (like evan with a ‘b’) Carson

  • codymc - has anyone pointed out that you’d be naming your kid after your camera? I mean we all love your photos but um….

    (kidding, just kidding, don’t hit me really!)

  • Alexandra Frankel - I totally understand what you’re going through! LOL! Goodluck! I can’t WAIT to finally hear what you pick!

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