Do I sound smarter?

Boy, that's a funny thing to title the blog post the day after I confessed my garlic mincing Chrissy moment to you.  Anyway…

So do I?

Sound smarter?

It's because I'm not blonde anymore. My super duper friend ERICA met me in Columbia, Missouri last weekend and brought me some intelligence in a bottle!  We took our husbands and kids to the ARC to swim for a few hours, and then we all had a yummy supper at Longhorn (my VERY favorite) and then we headed back to our hotel for Cooper and I to get our ears lowered. 

I was born a blonde, and was still a blond until a few years back.  For some reason, the older I get the darker my hair gets.  I started highlighting my hair a few years back… you know… trying to hold on to my blonde.  But I finally have came to grips with the fact that I'm doomed to be a level five (that's the darkest blond/lightest brown for all of you that aren't friends with your stylist).  A boring old level five.

Poor Otey.  Six and a half years ago he married a skinny blonde, and now he has to go to bed every night with a chubby level five.
  • Jeremi Jackson - UMMMM………HELLO!!! PICTURES???!?!?!!?

  • Heather Mears - I on the other hand have always had super dark hair and envied all of those who were blondes. Now I get my hair highlighted as much as possible so that I don’t look like a boring old brunette. But seriously, here’s the deal…we are never happy with what we have. We always seem to want what someone else has. I no longer envy people with blonde hair and wish away my brunette, I try to embrace it. After seeing a friend go through chemo and losing her hair, I vowed to never complain about my hair again. Being a blonde or brunette is not always a bad thing because it could always be worse. So the moral of today’s story…be happy with a head full of hair…even if it is a boring level 5.
    Happy Monday!
    PS~ Don’t believe everything you hear about brunettes either…blondes don’t have ALL the fun!

  • Alison - Being a stylist myself, I am impressed with the jargon you are saying! I have a lot of my clients whose hair has gotten darker with the older they get. I bet you look gorgeous! I’m sure it took some getting used to. Can’t wait to see the picture!

  • Erica - Thank You Angie! Come on with the headshot! 🙂

  • Angie - Where are the pics… you have always been -beau-ti-ful, blone or brunnet. I want to see the new do!

  • aunt harriet/mom - Would you really like to go back to being the brunt of all of those family blonde jokes?? I think that Otey got a sweet deal when he married you and I have not heard him complain since!

  • Katie, Chip & Caroline - I have been tearing my house apart searching for you 7th grade school picture featuring you beautiful blonde hair, wall of bangs and all! I know that their was one at my mom’s house, but it probably floated away! If I find it you can be sure that it will be on Caroline’s blog- oh the good old days!

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