Do do doin’ the E-LEC-TRIC sliiiiide…

While I was in Terre Haute last week I had the privilege of shooting family photos for one of my oldest (length of friendship… not age) friends, Laura. I practically lived with the Jones family through the end of my elementary years and middle school. I spent the night at their house seriously like five nights a week. Laura's brother and I used to tear up some Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt (remember… they were on the same cartridge with the ORIGINAL Nintendo). Laura's older sister, Angie taught me how to do the Electric Slide in the middle of the living room in their old farm house. I was there when Laura got ready for the Harvest Moon Formal dance when she was a Freshman (she's three years older then me) and I remember thinking how cool she was with her big teased hair and ruffled royal blue dress. Laura grew up and married another friend… Travis. A few posts back I said that the kids were "double bread ornery"… well, let's just say that Travis provides enough ornery that it doesn't matter who his kid has for a mama! I have lots of great great memories with Travis and the Jones clan… I still think of Angie's Volkswagen Rabbit every time I hear an MC Hammer song, and Travis when I hear Shenandoah.  We wore those tapes out!  Yes… I said tapes.

I had a blast shooting their session… and even more fun editing it and seeing the photos of Laura laughing, mouth wide open. She has the best laugh… I could hear it all night looking at the images.



You were right Lance, shortest to tallest did look better.


Their son Lance is a very accomplished Gymnast. He's been competing since he was three years old.

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I LOVE his two front teeth missing!



It was great to see you guys… Oh… and you owe me Travis, I didn't put the barefoot photos on the blog!

  • Heather Mears - How cute is that little guy???

  • Fagin Family - Great Pics! I was so EXCITED they turned out so good! I will get with you to place my order!!

  • Kim - I love how you ‘get’ people.

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