Cooper spent the morning crusin’ in his hand-me-down bubble car.  The bubble car was Cooper’s cousins’ car when they were little, and now he gets to have fun with it!  He loved it.  He did great when his Dad pushed him around, but when he tried to "go" on his own, he only went backwards.  He’s still a little to small for it.  He can sit down in the hole where his feet are supposed to go and slip right out under the front bumper.  It’s pretty good watching.  He is having lots of fun opening and closing the door and pushing it around for now.



We all went to Des Moines this afternoon and furniture shopped.  We bought a bed for the extra bedroom (your welcome Gma’s & Gpa’s).  I still can’t find one for our room.  I guess our new mattress will have to live on the floor until I do!

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