Crazy Pregnant Lady

If you’ve never been pregnant before, you can skip this post.
I’m really struggling with the doctor situation here in Ottumwa. At the only OB office in town, you have to rotate from doctor to doctor while you’re pregnant, and then whoever is on call when you deliver takes care of you. Also, the sonogram thing scares me. With Cooper (after I transfered from the fertility doctor to a regular OB) I had like four more sonograms. The OB office here only gives you one your entire pregnancy. Sometime between 18-20 weeks. Do you think this is normal? Did I just get spoiled the first time? It seems so odd to me that they don’t check the baby more. Help! Tell me if I’m a crazy pregnant lady!!!

  • Bree - I don’t know how close you would be to one in Iowa, but in KC MO there is a place called Prenatal Imaging ( where they can do a 3d or 4d ultrasound. That is all they do, they are not doctors, and you don’t have to be referred or anything. You can have it done for as little as $75 or as much as $225. You can leave with pictures and a dvd of the ultrasound if you wanted to. I did not have one done, as I had already found out the sex of our baby before I knew these places existed. My sister-in-law had one done, and it is just like seeing a real picture of your baby. We knew what he was going to look like before he even got here, and of course that he was OBVIOUSLY a boy.

  • aunt harriet/mom - In the “olden days” there were no sonograms unless therer was a huge question or you were old – of which I was neither. Hence, no sonograms…

  • Heather - It is normal, Kathy. You were just spoiled the 1st time.

  • Krista - Yeah, that is the norm, especially for smaller clinics/hospitals. I teach developmental psychology (which doesn’t by any means make me an expert) and as most doctors have told me, unless there is reason to believe somehthing may be “off” or if you have had previous miscarriages or fertility complications, 1 to 2 sonograms are normal. Sorry, wish it wasn’t, I would have enjoyed one every month too!

  • Kari - Just letting you know that I had both of my kids in Des Moines and that is exactly how the clinic there did it. I don’t think it is abnormal, but I agree, I’d have liked to have had more, at least to have been able to find out the sex of the baby, I never had the opportunity for that. I know in Chariton they used to get one every OB visit.

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