Crazy Computers

Our computers are crazy!  Otey’s laptop is on the fritz.  My laptop has decided to work every once in a while… which I guess is a little better then never.  Who knows.

Cooper is still sick.  There seems to be a lot less snot, but much more coughing.  He has been on the Amoxicillan for three days.  Shouldn’t he be better?  It is heart breaking when he wakes up coughing in the middle of the night.  It’s been pretty cool here the past few days, so Cooper and I have been trapped inside.  He is still really happy, just a little more clingy.

Otey and I have been trying to figure out all of the travel arrangements for the next 6 weeks.  I have four rodeos and Otey has six (only on of those we will both be working together).  I just bought my mom a plane ticket to fly to Arkansas to help with Cooper at one of them, hopefully Otey’s folks will be at the one in Missouri, and I’m going to wing it and count on help from Jolyn, Wanda, and other friends at the two in Alabama.  It should go great.  There are so many people that offer to help with him.  Thank goodness I’m not working this week while he’s sick.  God knows how to time things.

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