Only 47 hours and 52 minutes until the entries close on my first photo contest!  Come on you procrastinators… send them in!  Check out how the news is spreading…


Okay… that’s not a real church sign… it’s from a way fun site that I read about on [b]ecker’s blog.  You can make your own Church Sign HERE.  Anyway… get them sent in!  I’m having so much fun looking at them.  Every time I open my email folder and there is an email with "feet" in the subject line I get so excited!

I took Cooper to the doctor today.  He (actually WE) have a yucky three or four day virus that’s going around town I guess.  Symptoms include fever, body ache, sores in your mouth, and THROBBING headaches.  If Coop’s head hurts half as bad as mine does, I understand why he’s been such a pain in the hiney.  Bad news is, there is no medicine… just a prescription for "wait ‘er out".  Good news is the calvary has arrived.  My Mom rode in on her big white horse (okay, in her silver ram) this evening.  Top floor carpet is going in the new house tomorrow.  Yippee!!!

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