Copyright 101

Here's a little photo copyright etiquette for those good honest citizens out there who want to sleep soundly at night…

The sneak peeks that I put on this blog from photo sessions are low resolution and sized only for internet use with a big kathymccloy photography watermark across them. With that being said… you are more then welcome to save them to your hard drive, to copy them and post them on your own blog, myspace, or facebook pages. That is why they are watermarked. I know people are going to snag them off of here, and I want all the free advertising I can get! So… copy the photos off this blog with a clear conscious, but if you do share them other places on the internet, a link to my webpage would be greatly appreciated.

#2 THE DIGITAL NEGATIVES THAT YOU PURCHASE (the photo CD of your session)
When you purchase the digital negatives from me, you receive a 'permission to print' form along with them. Once you buy the CD, you can print them anywhere, you can use them on your Christmas Card, you can order bumper-stickers with your kids on them, you can upload the whole session to your facebook page (again… a link is not required, but would be appreciated). They are yours to use as you see fit. The only thing that you can't do is present them as if you were the photographer (like enter them in a photography contest). One suggestion… if you did/do purchase the digital negative CD, be sure and make copies of the CD and store them somewhere other then your house. That way if heaven forbid there should be a flood/fire/hurricane/locusts you still have a complete set of family photos.

Here's where a lot of people should be loosing sleep. It is not okay to take a printed photo that you purchased and scan it, photocopy it, photograph it, or duplicate it in any other way. Number one, the photo quality will never be the same, and number two… that's where that little copyright thingy comes in to play. Unless you buy the digital negative, the photographer is the only one who can legally reproduce that image.

So. Now you know. If you have done the dreaded #3 in the past, you can no longer plead ignorance. AND… because no post is a good post without an image… my FAVORITE photo of 2008 so far. My nephews, Alex & Evan…


  • Kari - Thanks for ruining it for me Kathy:)

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